National Uniform Medication Progress

Thoroughbred States Where NUMP Has Been Adopted Or Is In Progress


RMTC Code Laboratory Accreditation By Thoroughbred States

States representing more than 78% of U.S. pari-mutuel handle and 82% of Thoroughbred races are conducting testing at a laboratory accredited by the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium. The only testing labs not currently RMTC code accredited are the University of Florida Laboratory, Louisiana State Laboratory and Iowa State University.

Controlled Therapeutic Medication List Adoption Schedule By Thoroughbred States


The Controlled Therapeutic Medication Schedule has been implemented in throughbred states representing 94% of the U.S. pari-mutuel handle and 82% of thoroughbred states.

Third Party Lasix Administration By Thoroughbred States

When California begins third-party administration of Lasix later this year, third-party Lasix administration procedures will have been implemented in thoroughbred states representing 85% of the U.S. pari-mutuel handle and 64% of thoroughbred races.

Multiple Medication Violation Penalty System By Thoroughbred States


Thoroughbred states representing 40% of the U.S. pari-mutuel handle and 39% of thoroughbred races have implemented the Multiple Medication Violation Penalty System.