Joint Injection Reporting Requirements


The trainer of record of a horse that was claimed shall have his veterinarian supply the state veterinarian, within 72 hours, a report in writing or email of a joint injection or injections performed on a claimed horse within the last 30 days. The report must include the joint or joints involved, medication used (Depo-Medrol or Hyaluronic Acid, for example) and the dosage. The data will be shared with the connections that claimed the horse.

New York:

The New York State Gaming Commission requires that a record of every corticosteroid joint injection be recorded by the trainer or attending veterinarian within 48 hours of treatment on the equine steroid administration log on the commission’s website. If a horse is claimed, the history of corticosteroid injections is automatically transferred to the claimant.

Reports can be submitted online. To register, click here. Required information includes birth date, the last four digits of a trainer or vet’s Social Security number and a valid email address. Only those with valid NYSGC licenses can register.