Continuing Education for Trainers and Assistant Trainers


1. Trainers and assistant trainers shall complete a minimum of four hours of continuing education per calendar year and shall certify compliance with continuing education requirements as a condition of licensing.
2. Qualifying courses, which may include live and on-line presentations, shall be approved in advance by the relevant regulatory authority or its designee.
3. At least two hours of each continuing education cycle shall involve equine health, safety and welfare topics.
4. A trainer or assistant trainer completing an approved course or program in any participating jurisdiction may claim credit in all participating jurisdictions.
5. Satisfaction of such continuing education requirement shall be subject to audit.
6. A trainer or assistant trainer shall retain, for a period of at least four (4) years, appropriate documentation indicating:
a. that the trainer or assistant trainer attended or otherwise participated in the program, specifying the name, title, date and location of the course or program, and the number of continuing education credit hours earned;
b. that a course or program was accredited by the relevant regulatory authority or its designee; and
c. proof of compliance (certificate of completion when available) for each credit hour earned.
7. Trainers and assistant trainers must attest on the license application that annual continuing education requirements have been met. License will not be granted if such a declaration is not provided.
8. Trainers and assistant trainers are subject to random audit. Anyone found not to have fulfilled the continuing education requirements in any calendar year may be subject to discipline.
9. The stewards may waive continuing education requirements for just cause.

Policy and Procedure: Trainers and assistant trainers who attend live Continuing Education programs will be provided a certificate of participation at the end of each session. Trainers and assistant trainers who complete on-interactive on-line course modules, such as those produced by The Jockey Club, will be able to print a certificate of participation at the conclusion of the program. Trainers and assistant trainers who present a certificate of participation for watching an approved video will be required to successfully answer a question of fact that was included in that presentation in order to receive credit for that program.


To assist trainers and assistant trainers in complying with the rule, the links to currently approved on-line courses that are eligible for CE credit are listed below.

Eleven approved continuing education modules are available on The Jockey Club Advanced Horsemanship Program website:

The licensee will receive an emailed confirmation upon completion of each course. The confirmation  must be retained for your records for a minimum of four years. Continuing Education credits will be recognized by all Mid-Atlantic Commissions.

The NYS Gaming Commission has created three hour-long approved continuing education seminars available for free on YouTube:

“Findings of the NYS Post-Mortem Examination Program”

“Risk & Protective Factors–How Can We Use Them to Prevent Injury?”

“Fetlock CT To Assess Proximal Sesamoid Bone Fracture Risk”

Record of Participation Certificate for NYS Gaming Commission seminars (please print and complete and retain for your records for a minimum of four years):

Annual Certification of Continuing Education Coursework Print and complete at the end of each calendar year to certify that you have completed the required four hours of CE annually.

CE Approval Committee
Dr. Kathy Anderson
Dr. Reynolds Cowles
Dr. Scott Palmer