THA Affiliates

An association of official horsemen's organizations.

The THA member organizations are led by dedicated owners and trainers who tirelessly volunteer their time and efforts for their fellow horsemen and for the betterment of Thoroughbred racing at their racetracks and in their local communities, as well as regionally and nationally. They devote themselves to encouraging, maintaining and ensuring: 1) the economic well-being of horsemen, their employees and the thousands of industry-related small businesses that support racing; 2) the health and welfare of the horse; 3) the safety of the racetrack and rider; 4) a level playing field for all participants; and 5) the integrity of our industry. It should never be forgotten that our horsemen collectively comprise the largest capital investment in racing and they are the backbone of the Thoroughbred industry.

We welcome you to visit the sites of each of our member organizations to get a sense of their vital role in the industry. Just click the appropriate link on the menu to your left.

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