Delaware THA

A non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of Thoroughbred racing in Delaware.

dthaThe Delaware Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of Thoroughbred racing in Delaware.

The DTHA, which represents horsemen at Delaware Park, has an 11-member board: Five owners who aren’t licensed as trainers, five trainers or owner-trainers, and one representative as President who can be either an owner or trainer. Directors are elected by the membership every three years.

The president is elected by the general membership, while other officers are elected by the board of directors at its first meeting after an election.

The DTHA proudly sponsored the Delaware Certified Thoroughbred Program, which was created in 2002 to enhance racing in Delaware through the use of bonus money that comes from several sources. With the current bonus of 50% for first-, second-, or third-place runners, the program enables horses who are Delaware Certified to run for more money and compete with breeders’ programs in the region. In addition, the program promotes registered farms in Delaware to continue and grow and maintain green space in the state.

The DTHA also oversees the Delaware Horsemen’s Assistance Fund, which provides aid and assistance to grooms, hotwalkers, exercise riders, trainers, and other backstretch licensees.

The Backstretch Wellness Clinic is open to all currently licensed Delaware Park horsemen, their employees and dependents. The clinic provides prescriptions, diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries. It also offers a preventive program of immunizations, screenings and various health education and wellness services.

A variety of services are provided to backstretch employees, including our “Backstretch Boutique,” movie night, laundry and Day room. Christian fellowship and worship services in English and Spanish are held weekly.

For more information regarding the DHAF and its services, Lynda Furlong, DHAF program manager, at (302) 994-2521, extension 7289.

Members of the DHAF Board of Directors are Suzanne Moscarelli , President and Secretary; Claudia DeMarco, Vice President; James P Connor III, Treasurer; John Malatesta; Steven Bertrando; Janet Ritchey, DTHA representative; John Mooney, Delaware Park representative; and Paul Trapani.

Delaware Park and the DTHA partner with Canter MidAtlantic and MidAtlantic Horse Rescue to network horses at Delaware Park looking for new homes. Proper aftercare of horses retired from racing at Delaware Park is our priority, and this initiative will facilitate the placement of ex-racers into wonderful new homes.


Bessie Gruwell, DTHA Executive Director Meghan Barry, Administrative Assistant
Vincent Moscarelli, DCTP Administrator
Lynda Furlong, DHAF Program Manager


Scott Peck, President
Tracy Porter Nunley, First Vice President
Tim Ritchey, Second Vice President
Janet Ritchey, Treasurer
Shanon Epley, Secretary

Trainer Directors:
Lou Albertrani
Gary Katz
Jamie Ness
Anthony Pecoraro
Tim Ritchey

Owner Directors:
Shanon Epley
Herb Moelis
Tracy Porter Nunley
Janet Ritchey
Paul Trapani


777 Delaware Park Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19804
Phone: (302) 994-2521 ext. 7284
Fax: (302) 994-3392


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