Our associations collectively, under the auspices of the THA umbrella, have consistently led reforms in medication and drug testing that have been implemented in the past two decades.

We have been and will always be committed to the welfare of the horse, the integrity of our sport, and providing a level playing field for all participants and our bettors. We collectively represent thousands of honest, hard-working and dedicated horsemen, backstretch workers and those in the many support businesses whose livelihoods depend on a strong industry at every level. We are their voice.

While we respect that there are, have been and will always be differing opinions on the use of race-day medication in racing,  our memberships overwhelmingly support the current strictly regulated system and see nothing that has changed to alter their view.

We want them, and you, to know that we will continue to strongly and vigorously advocate on their behalf to oppose any change in the current regulatory scheme for the administration of Lasix on race day absent scientific evidence to the contrary or breakthroughs that allow for the horse to otherwise be protected.

For us, it is first and foremost about the safety and welfare of the horse, a level playing field for all participants, the integrity of our sport, and the best interests of the betting public.