Alex Waldrop President NTRA

"With the death of Rick Violette, Thoroughbred racing has lost a powerful dand effective leader who left an inelible mark on many segments of the industry. As the longti Yorkme head of both the New Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association and the Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association, Rick was tireless in his commitment not just to horsemen's issues but also safety and integrity and jockey welfare as well as Thoroughbred retirement and retraining. Rick devoted his entire career to these and other important industry causes while at the same time becoming a very successful trainer on one of the nation's most competitive circuits. His substantial contributions to the industry cannot be overstated."

Alan Foreman Chairman THA

"There aren't enough words to adequately describe Rick's contributions to the racing industry. Simply put, he was a giant of our industry and a consequential force, both in New York racing and the industry as a whole. Horsemen's leaders are often criticized. Rick was beloved."

Tres Abbott Fair Hill-based trainer

"It has been a fun summer racing in the MATCH Series. Once you get into it, you plan around it, and it worked out well for us. It's a good program for Mid-Atlantic horses and some of the smaller trainers in the region."

Ed Martin President ARCI

"And where our challenge is with emerging threats, the amount of money we’re spending disagreeing over what route we should take (to uniformity), if that money was given to the RMTC to do research, we might be better off."

About THA

The Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association is a highly regarded and influential voice on all issues affecting owners and trainers.

The THA affords its member organizations the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on issues of mutual concern to its membership and to provide strong  representation for horsemen on local, regional and national issues.

The THA has provided ongoing leadership for consensus-based decision-making and policy implementation on such issues as medication; racehorse aftercare; equine health, safety and welfare; protecting the integrity of our sport; and improving the economics for racing’s participants.

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An association of official horsemen’s organizations.