Delaware THA stallion season auction set for Jan. 10-13

Posted: Jan. 8, 2018

Seasons to stallions located in five states will be auctioned Jan. 10-13 by the Delaware Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association.

The DTHA holds the stallion season auction each January to support its Winner’s Circle PAC Fund, which is utilized to support candidates in city, county and state offices.

Stallions that stand in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania will be represented in the online auction.

The horsemen’s group said the Delaware Certified Thoroughbred Program, which offers purse bonuses at Delaware Park each year, will waive the application fee for progeny from stallion seasons purchased at the auction.

Beginning in 2018, the standard 50% bonus—25% for the owner and 25% for the certifier—will be expanded from the top three finishers in a race to the top five. The bonuses are based on purse earnings for each horse.

The DTHA noted that each of the four DCTP stakes this year will be worth $100,000, and that certification has enhanced the value of horses sold at auction.

The stallion seasons in the auction can be viewed here.

The link to the auction via the DTHA website is available here.

More information is available at the DTHA website or by calling 302-994-2527, extension 7284.

(Delaware Park photo by Tom LaMarra)