New York requiring owners, trainers to view aftercare video

Posted: Jan. 24, 2017

As part of its ongoing commitment in driving attention to the issue of responsible aftercare of racehorses, the New York State Gaming Commission Jan. 23 announced all horseracing owners, trainers and assistant trainers seeking to participate in New York State racing as of Feb. 1 must view the commission’s new video underscoring the importance of responsible horse aftercare and the many options for post-racing careers available in the state.

The NYSGC, in a continuing effort to locate all New York-bred Thoroughbreds that raced between 2010 and 2012 and haven’t started since, also said it is now involving the public in the endeavor.

Attesting to viewing the video—it’s available on the NYSGC YouTube page and website—will be a requirement for licensure, commission said.

“Both on and off the track, the commission continues to demonstrate a real focus and commitment on promoting the responsible care of racehorses,” NYSGC Executive Director Robert Williams said. “Our video highlights the many opportunities available for racehorses in New York State and helps instill a mindset among licensees of ensuring that horses have safe places to go after their racing careers conclude.”

The video provides a brief overview of the lifecycle of the horse and discusses the many options for aftercare available in New York State for both Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds. Officials said the film underscores the importance that the commission places on the issue and the expectation that licensees will commit to ensuring safe homes for horses after their racing days are complete.

The video will be sent to racing facilities across the state for airing before, during or after a racing program

The NYSGC said its ongoing study to locate New York-bred Thoroughbreds that have not raced since 2012 is being opened to the public to help establish the whereabouts and status of the horses. The effort began in 2015 with the ultimate goal of providing a snapshot of the size and scope of the issue of retired racehorses in New York State.

The Jockey Club provided a list of such horses, including the date and track of their last race of record. Of the more than 3,800 Thoroughbreds that fit the criteria, the NYSGC has been able to locate more than 1,700, and now it is seeking the public’s help.

The NYSGC website includes a downloadable list of the horses and instructions on how the public can assist the effort. The aftercare video, the New York-bred Thoroughbred database and additional resources can be found on the NYSGC’s Responsible Aftercare page on its website.

(Photo courtesy of NYTHA)