Live foal statistics released; Pennsylvania shows 50.4% increase from 2019

Posted: Oct. 5, 2020

Of the top 10 states by number of live foals reported thus far for 2020, three show an increase from 2019 led by Pennsylvania with a 50.4% gain, according to statistics released by The Jockey Club Oct. 5.

With the number of live foals reported about 85%-90% complete, The Jockey Club announced that 19,677 live foals have been reported for 2020.

The organization said 1,552 stallions covered 31,198 mares in North America during 2019, according to statistics compiled through Sept. 29, 2020. The reporting of live foals from those breedings is down 3.4% from last year at this time when The Jockey Club had received reports for 20,363 live foals of 2019.

The number of live foal reports received from Pennsylvania totaled 510, up from 339 in 2019. Of the other states in the top 10, Oklahoma was next with an 18.9% increase, while New Mexico registered a 2% increase.

The largest decrease in the top 10 came in California, which was down 13.8% according to the statistics. In the Mid-Atlantic region, Maryland was down only 5.8% (from 537 last year to 506 this year), while New York was off 7.3% (703 in 2019 versus 652 in 2020).

Kentucky, which always leads the way in terms of number of foals per year, was down only 2.9%, from 12,200 to 11,851.

In addition to the 19,677 live foals of 2020 reported through Sept. 29, The Jockey Club also received 2,476 No Foal Reports for the 2020 foaling season. Ultimately, the 2020 registered foal crop is projected to reach 20,500.

The number of stallions declined 4.8 percent from the 1,630 reported for 2018 at this time last year, while the number of mares bred declined 4.0 percent from the 32,508 reported for 2018.

More information is available in The Jockey Club Fact Book for 2020.