HISA authority directors, standing committee members named

Posted: May 7, 2021

The Nominating Committee of The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act has announced the appointment of the HISA Authority board of directors along with members of two standing committees.

The establishment of the initial HISA board and standing committees is the latest important development related to HISA, which became federal law in December 2020.

Under the oversight of the Federal Trade Commission, the authority will implement consistent, transparent, and enforceable rules across all state racing jurisdictions. The efforts will be divided into an Anti-Doping and Medication Control Program, which will be executed and enforced in partnership with the United States Anti-Doping Authority, and a Racetrack Safety Program.

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The HISA authority will work with state regulators and horsemen’s groups to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective approach to implementing the new programs. The members of the authority and standing committees are as follows”

HISA Authority (nine members)

Steve Beshear, Kentucky (independent director); Leonard Coleman, Florida (independent director); Ellen McClain, New York (independent director); Charles Scheeler, Maryland (independent director); Adolpho Birch, chair of the Anti-Doping and Medication Control Standing Committee, Tennessee (independent director); Joe De Francis, Maryland (industry director); Susan Stover, chair of the Racetrack Safety standing committee, California (industry director); Bill Thomason, Kentucky (industry director); and D.G. Van Clief Jr., Virginia (industry director).

Racetrack Safety Standing Committee (seven members)

Stover, chair (California, industry director); Lisa Fortier, New York (independent member); Peter Hester, Kentucky (independent member); Paul Lunn, North Carolina (independent member); Carl Mattacola, North Carolina (independent member); Glen Kozak, New York (industry member); and John Velazquez, New York (industry member).

Anti-Doping and Medication Control Standing Committee (seven members)

Birch, chair (Tennessee, independent director); Jeff Novitzky, Nevada (independent member); Kathleen Stroia, Florida (independent member); Dr. Jerry Yon, Florida (independent member); Dr. Jeff Blea, California (industry member); Dr. Mary Scollay, Kentucky (industry member); and Dr.Scott Stanley, Kentucky (industry member).

(Jim McCue photo)