Athletic trainers to assist Delaware jockeys during live racing

Posted: Sept. 1, 2018

The Delaware Jockeys’ Health and Welfare Benefit Board Aug. 30 announced a multi-year agreement with Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance to provide a certified athletic trainer for the jockeys during live racing cards at Delaware Park effective immediately.

The athletic trainer will be located in the jockeys’ room and will have the ability to treat and evaluate riding injuries. The Delaware Park meet runs through Oct. 20.

“The Delaware Park family has always put the safety and welfare of all of our participants in the sport at the forefront,” said Ed Stegemeier, Chairman of the Delaware Jockeys’ Health and Welfare Benefit Board and a member of the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission. “To further enhance our jockey benefit program, athletic trainers will be on site every racing day assisting jockeys with race preparation, injury identification, evaluation, and rehabilitation programs. A common goal our board shares with the racing community and public is keeping our sport safe through utilization of best practices. We have just taken another step in that direction.”

The Delaware Jockeys’ Health and Welfare Benefit Board already provides Delaware jockeys with health insurance, nutritional education programs through the University of Delaware, excess on-track insurance and financial support to the Permanently Disabled Jockey Fund.

Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance was founded in Middletown, Del., in 2007 with a goal of becoming a leader in clinical excellence. The organization has six state-of-the-art facilities throughout the state of Delaware and has been engaged in providing outreach athletic training coverage since 2009.

“Premier is proud to provide care for a special population of athletes—the jockeys at Delaware Park,” said Dr. Thomas Windley, founding partner and Chief Executive Officer of Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. “Their health and well-being is paramount to, not only their own success, but also to that of the horseracing community in Delaware and the region.”

(Delaware Park photo by Tom LaMarra)