ARCI considering regulatory policy on use of bisphosphonates

Posted: April 8, 2019

The Association of Racing Commissioners International, which recently held its annual conference, on April 8 issued the following notice regarding the use of bisphosphonate drugs on racehorses or horses intended to be raced:

Bisphosphonate use in a racing environment is already prohibited and, if found, the trainer is subject to significant fine and suspension and the horse will be excluded from competition for at least 30 days to one year. The extra-label use in any horse younger than 4 years of age of any bisphosphonate is prohibited.

ARCI is considering and accepting input from the industry on adoption and implementation of a regulatory policy that would disallow any horse from being entered in a race that has been treated with bisphosphonates prior to age 4 or for reasons not specifically cited by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as appropriate use.

Owners and potential buyers of young horses are advised to insist on complete disclosure of any bisphosphonate treatments administered to horses they are considering for purchase.

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